It’s been over two weeks since we’ve left home for our trip-two absolutely wonderful weeks that have fulfilled me in ways that I didn’t even expect.  There have been incredible sights, delicious food, uninterrupted time with my husband and even late mornings of sleeping in.  Then why do I have that familiar pit in my stomach?  That same feeling when I went to Girl Scout camp, when I moved away to college and then again when I moved 1200 miles away from my home after I first got married.  That feeling I know so well.  Homesickness.  suitcases on trip to europe

So what exactly is “homesick”?  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it as a longing for home and family while absent from them.

Here is a little list that helps to define it for me even further:

1.)     Missing the sound of my daughters’ voices saying, “good morning”.  Ok, so one is off to college and the other is not a morning person, but still

2.)    Dreaming of the softness of my pillow on my bed at home.  There’s something about magical about my pillow at home.

3.)    Thinking of my dogs when I see other ones walking along the streets.  I see mostly beautiful full breeds on the streets here, while ours are every bit mutts, but we love their inner beauty.

4.)    Wishing my parents could be sharing the fabulous dinner with us.  They would so enjoy all this fabulous food!

5.)    Yearning for a hug from my daughters.  No explanation needed.

6.)    Watching the sunset, yet imagining what it looks at our house

7.)    Walking for days and never seeing a familiar smiling face

8.)     Aching for Baking.  Don’t get me wrong. The chocolates and pastries are delicious, but to create myself…quite another thing!

9.)     Longing for different clothing.  My clothes are now on a rotating cycle and I’m wanting some variation.

10.)  Finally, missing my toilet!  I am tired of sharing a toilet with a hundred different people every day.

Now this isn’t to say that I’m not having the time of my life or that I’m not enjoying this quality time with my husband.  It’s simply that my soul misses my family, our nest and a bit of familiar routine.

our nest house
I saw this little house on one of my walks while in Cannes, France. Loved the name- “Our Nest”!

This wonderful trip will come to an end soon enough and I will mourn for it in the months and years to come.  So for now, I will continue to wake up each day with gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead.  I fully know that life is the journey, not the destination and that these new experiences and feelings will continue to help me grow.  I also know that our home awaits us and no matter how far we roam.   Home is where the heart is.

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