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Missing the Nest- Defining Homesick

It’s been over two weeks since we’ve left home for our trip-two absolutely wonderful weeks that have fulfilled me in ways that I didn’t even expect.  There have been incredible sights, delicious food, uninterrupted time with my husband and even late mornings of sleeping in.  Then why do I have that familiar pit in my stomach?  That same feeling when I went to Girl Scout camp, when I moved away to college and then again when I moved 1200 miles away from my home after I first got married.  That feeling I know so well.  Homesickness.  suitcases on trip to europe

So what exactly is “homesick”?  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it as a longing for home and family while absent from them.

Here is a little list that helps to define it for me even further:

1.)     Missing the sound of my daughters’ voices saying, “good morning”.  Ok, so one is off to college and the other is not a morning person, but still(more…)

Packing for an Empty Nest Vacation

Vacation.  Spending quality time with family, touring exciting cities, hiking new mountains and tasting new foods are all images that are conjured up when I think of a vacation.   I love just about everything about a vacation-no dishes to clean, no beds to make, no laundry to wash, no time schedule that needs to be adhered to and the list could go on and on.Notre Dame Paris with my girls

But the idea of getting there is what stops me dead in my tracks.  I panic at the mere thought of having to pack. Procrastination sets in and I can’t seem to even decide which suitcases to bring.  Then my mind flashes forward to time in the airport trying to provide entertainment and supervising the numerous trips to the bathroom or nagging about an ipod that’s too loud or feet bumping against my seat.   But wait! It suddenly hits me like a ton of bricks:  I’m going on this trip sans children.  Images of me peacefully reading a novel and drinking hot coffee (not lukewarm after waiting in line for everyone’s coffee and bagel orders) while waiting for my plane immediately come to mind.

This very moment I feel a sense of loss.  (more…)

A Trip Down Food Memory Lane

Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday.   I spent a couple of hours baking some decadent dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with cherry filling and almond buttercream frosting.  This delicious concoction, made with just a splash (maybe a slight pour) of Chambord, is now officially the birthday cake for my now adult child.  The memory of this birthday will accompany the memory of these newfound cupcakes. chocolate cherry cupcakes

Last week I baked some cookies with three different chocolates, coconut and pecans and dubbed them, “Empty Nest” cookies.  Why? Simply because they were sent to college with my youngest daughter as she embarked on her future.   I now will never be able to make these without thinking of the day she left for college.

This all got me to start thinking of how much creating memories seems to involve food and vice versa- food creating a memory.  I began to take a brief inventory of some of my life’s memories and how food is related and these are the top 10 qualifiers that came to mind in rapid succession:  (more…)

Bon Bons for Breakfast

Bon bons for breakfast?  Why not?  I don’t recommend them for EVERY breakfast, but they are scrumptious, have health benefits and, well, life is rather short.  This being my first blog post, I thought I would tell you of how my blog (and title!) came to be.

Several years ago my daughters and I use to enjoy listening to the very funny and lovable comedian, Bill Cosby.  We would pop in his CD in the car before a road trip and would prepare to giggle.  Our favorite stand up skit was the one about chocolate cake for breakfast. Mr. Cosby jokes about his wife scolding him after feeding his children chocolate cake for breakfast.  He explains that chocolate cake has milk, eggs, and wheat…perfectly suitable for breakfast!  We couldn’t agree more.  So not only do we not balk at the idea of a little cake for breakfast every now and then, but we have a tradition in our family that the morning after a birthday, we have leftover cake for breakfast.

During these same years, I came to the realization that how I started my morning pretty much set up the mood for the remainder of that day.  If I started with a good workout, lunches and backpacks remembered and a good cup of coffee,  I felt in control of my day and ready for what the world had in store for me.   However, if my morning was greeted with lost homework and burnt toast, my day was a bit harder to get back on track. (more…)