Bon bons for breakfast?  Why not?  I don’t recommend them for EVERY breakfast, but they are scrumptious, have health benefits and, well, life is rather short.  This being my first blog post, I thought I would tell you of how my blog (and title!) came to be.

Several years ago my daughters and I use to enjoy listening to the very funny and lovable comedian, Bill Cosby.  We would pop in his CD in the car before a road trip and would prepare to giggle.  Our favorite stand up skit was the one about chocolate cake for breakfast. Mr. Cosby jokes about his wife scolding him after feeding his children chocolate cake for breakfast.  He explains that chocolate cake has milk, eggs, and wheat…perfectly suitable for breakfast!  We couldn’t agree more.  So not only do we not balk at the idea of a little cake for breakfast every now and then, but we have a tradition in our family that the morning after a birthday, we have leftover cake for breakfast.

During these same years, I came to the realization that how I started my morning pretty much set up the mood for the remainder of that day.  If I started with a good workout, lunches and backpacks remembered and a good cup of coffee,  I felt in control of my day and ready for what the world had in store for me.   However, if my morning was greeted with lost homework and burnt toast, my day was a bit harder to get back on track.

With this realization, I decided to take control of my mornings.  Not every morning lent itself to long chats about the day’s plans, scrambled cheesy eggs or leftover chocolate cake, but each morning I chose to wake up with a smile, be thankful and start anew.  It was understood that the evenings needed to be spent organizing for the next day so that the mornings could be more relaxed. Lunches were made the night before, homework was signed off on, and clothes laid out for the next day. Oatmeal cookies and almond milk or leftover fettuccine Alfredo and cranberry juice were perfectly acceptable for our petit dejeuner.  We now had our mornings back and it became the official time of day that life was started all over again. And with some pizazz!

Flash forward to the present.  My nest is now empty.  My mornings are mine and, oh, so painfully quiet.  During one those quiet mornings, I had a revelation of sorts.  If chocolate cake for breakfast was a great idea, then chocolate bon bons for breakfast would be a perfectly acceptable for this new me.  Dark chocolate is full of antioxidant compounds, flavonoids, that can increase the flexibility of veins and arteries, thereby lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of a heart attack and stroke. I even recently read that one ounce of dark chocolate has 5 times the amount of flavonoids than an apple! Now if only I could stick with just one ounce.

In many ways my life is starting all over again, just like a new morning, but on a much grander scale.  No more lunches need to be made and no more homework double checked.  I try to awake with a smile and realize that each day is truly a gift.  

Each day should be celebrated with learning something new, time for gratitude and, if it presents itself, some bon bons for breakfast.

Carpe diem!


“Chocolate doesn’t make the world go around … but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile!”    -Anonymous





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  1. Hi! I found your blog. I will subscribe to it as well, so blog on my dear friend. Have a splendid time on your trip; make many good memories and drink lots of wine! You deserve a trip for you! <3

  2. I love this so much!! After my workouts, I think I will start adding in some ginger dark chocolate or dark chocolate sea salt. Plus, I love Mr. Cosby so if it is good enough for him, what can I say.

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