Rediscovering Las Vegas

las-vegas sign

I so adore Las Vegas.  My husband and I try to make a trip there a couple times of year.  I really could never tire of it, but this most recent visit to Sin City has me seeing it with different eyes and falling in love with it all over again. (more…)

Tiramisu Chocolate Birthday Cake

Tiramisu Chocolate layer cake

To many people, March represents spring break vacations, spring training baseball games, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and the beginnings of spring with buds on the trees and breaking out with the Easter decorations complete with bunnies and pastels.  For me, March represents all of that, PLUS the “birthday month”.  We have 6 family members with birthdays this month and that includes mine and my husband’s! That means a lot of birthday meals and birthday cakes. This year I thought a change was in order for the traditional 2 layer frosted birthday cake. (more…)

The “Talkers” and the “Doers”: Living Your Dreams

There are cat people and dog people. There are truck people and car people. There are city folk and country folk. There are wine drinkers and beer drinkers. The list goes on and on. Chances are you’ve already put yourself in one of the categories. Me? Well, I’m a wine drinking, car driving, dog loving country folk (ok…I’m on the fence in regards to city or country!). (more…)